Monday, April 23, 2007


As requested, Here's the first of several Dark Day albums I'll be posting in the coming days. Dark Day was no wave keyboardist Robin Crutchfield's post DNA outfit, though the only thing they carried on from those days was a propensity for the tense and stark, and even those tendencies went south by the time they recorded the incredible Window. Certainly the rarest and most desirable Dark Day release, it's also (unlike Crutchfield's more rockist other Dark Day releases) a pure minimal synth musical mainline and has attracted collector prices to match. The first Martin Rev solo album seems an obvious point of comparison here in it's aggressive and wet timbres. Combine that with a candy coated melodicism that smacks a bit of instrumental early Human League stuff like The Dignity Of Labour and you've got a pretty solid recipe for a direct link into your minimal synth pleasure receptors.

Note: Link removed as this has now been reissued by Dark Entries records and can be found Here


Anonymous said...

Incredible! After all these years, I'm finally able to hear this splendid Casio driven L.P. again!!
Thanks SSSOOOO much for this, VDOANDSOUND!
I'll consume it extensively the coming "bright days"

By the way , what a day again... once more so many wonderfull new things on the blog.. Audio candy store numero uno, guys...
You're writing history..


The Herbalist said...

ours is the best blog in this... or any other parallel universe.
I do have a request..
The Doubling Riders - World

I have been looking for it for sometime now.

Thanks Indeed...!

The Herbalist
PS ..
See you in slsk...

mutantsounds said...

we don't have a race here mr PROG not FROG!And please stop making offensive comments in my blog...i did not do such thing in yours....and about slsk,who are you there?

Anonymous said...

Here are all the lyrics:

As said, a great album,


Anonymous said...

re dark days, thanks for posting this awesome lp!, been hanging to hear the rest of the album since I first heard "nudes in the forest",
classic stuff.


Buck said...

terrific album indeed , thanks a lot vdoandsound.

Anonymous said...

thank you,let's not forget the music of robin lee crutchfield so important and so neglected

Unknown said...

fantastic share!

here's one of my favorites from that era, i don't know if it's posted already but here goes:
Killing Joke : Turn to Red (dub)

jc said...

finally re-issued by Dark Entries!

with a 24 page booklet by Robin Crutchfield !

Anonymous said...

So where is Dark Day on the Dark Entries site??? Love the label but the site sux.