Friday, April 27, 2007

DG 307-(1973-5), LP, 1990 (RECORDED: 1973-1975), CZECHOSLOVAKIA

Following Jim's post of DG 307 material a little while back, here a sample of what these ferocious Czech dissident freaks were getting up to some years earlier. This is raw low-fi gutteral belching and growling avant rock of a variety so brutish, grimy and primitive, it makes The Plastic People sound like Abba. It frankly beggars disbelief that this was recorded during the years stated. Highly fascinating, warts and all.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's any logic to, or support for, the thought that you all should cut back on the sheer volume of posts per day. I realize that we're all having a good time with this blog (posters and readers included), but the regrettable thing I find is that I simply don't have the time to listen to all the good sounds you guys are putting out there. I end up putting all my downloaded folders on a drive, and I don't think I'm able give some of this great music the proper attention and deep listening that it deserves and demands. I'm appreciative, as I think we all are, but I do a lot of "skimming the cream," as it were, and because there are so many posts here (not to mention on other music blogs), I probably end up passing on good things because I simply don't have time to listen to music constantly throughout the day. It seems sometimes like you guys are trying to "outdo" every other music blog in terms of sheer daily volume and I have to believe that some other readers would agree that the importance of some of this music is getting lost in the deluge. Too much of a good thing can still be too much—just something to think about. I hope that you'll take this comment in the kindest and most appreciative light (as it was intended.)

Anonymous said...

When there are no posting people complain and I can't believe now that there are lots of posting you have someone complaining!!! Yes, I can understand comments about needing time to listen to the music and understand the albums. But you don't have to download the albums if you don't want to. You can always not download them.

If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Mutant Sounds and Vdoandsound rule! Best music blog on the internet!


Anonymous said...

none of the linx work ...