Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Memoriance-Et après...,LP,1976,France

MEMORIANCE is a unique sounding French symphonic progressive band from the 1970s who released 2 albums and a 7" single.
Their debut album, "Et après", is a fine blend of styles, ranging from fellow French symphonic bands like Ange, Atoll and Carpe Diem, but also with a blend of Steve Hackett style guitar playing, as well as a hint of "Wish You Were Here", era Pink Floyd.
After their debut release, there were some line-up changes, with drummer, Didier Busson being replaced by Christopher Boulanger. Pascal Libergé came into the band as a keyboard player, alongside Jean-François Périer.
Their second release "L’Écume des jours d’après Boris Vian" is a concept album, based on the 1947 philosophical novel "L’Ecume des jours" (Froth on the Daydream), by Boris Vian.
It appears that in 1981, they released a single "Sparadrap/Telephone", but there seems to be no accompanying album.
MEMORIANCE’s style on "Et Après", has somewhat of a jazz rock feel at times, but also prevalent is a strong bass sound, some luscious guitar playing (two lead guitars at times) - that is never outrageous - yet is skillfully played. There is also psychedelic rock moments, reminiscent of Pink Floyd, especially in the keyboard and guitar sounds. Overall, they’re never over-the-top or heavy, but they always manage to stay interesting, due to their songs having several movements.
A relatively unknown and unique band, even in France, they have managed to record some excellent music and deserve to be heard. If you enjoy the ROGER WATERS era PINK FLOYD, ANGE, ATOLL, CARPE DIEM as well as other symphonic prog, you will enjoy MEMORIANCE.
James R. Yeowell (Geck0)

LP: Et après... (1976)
LP: L'Écume des jours d'après Boris Vian (1979)
7" single: Sparadrap/Telephone (1981)
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