Sunday, April 29, 2007

Marcie's Still Waiting-A Mysterious Song,E.P.,1985,Germany

Excellent and totally unknown German band,with this litle gem released in 1985.Mynimal synth/wave sounds,in the vain of early Sad lovers and Giants and Exhibit A.No infos found eveywhere ,even after extensive search.
get it here


Anonymous said...

Love the site, but track 3 on Marcie's Still Waiting - A Mysterious Song was currupt when I downloaded it. Maybe just me... the rest of the thing was brilliant though.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I like this.


Ny Decay said...

This is great! Can you post more?

fuzztunnel said...

These four tracks are the greatest songs the Cure never wrote. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

finally reached your april posts now ;)
there is another release from marcie's still waiting called "mirrors and daydream". its a 12 inch e.p. on roof-records from 1986. tracklisting:

A Night Like This
Magic Carpet
In My Room


Anonymous said...

Holy shit, you guys know marcies still waiting? About 5 years ago I met the vocalist daughter without knowing anything about the band, marcies still waiting. When her dad heared that im into cure, joy divison and all that old stuff he showed me his old band. We had a great time listening to those records :) unfortunately they broke up after releasing those two EPs ... I just put on the mysterious song and googled the name and came to this blog ;) keep up the good music!