Monday, April 23, 2007

Music For Pleasure-Into The Rain(LP)+3 7",1980-82,UK

Much underatted UK synth/wave band.A mixture of Chameleons meets OMD meets Killing joke (early).Even for Fuel to the Fire and Human Factor 7",very worth listening!
get it here


Anonymous said...

The Holy Grail [for me]. My copy of After the Rains has grown some alien life form on it, making it unplayable. Been unable to locate another copy for years. Can't thank you enough.

Anonymous said...

thanks SOOOO much for putting this on, I once had the vinyl of "Into the rain" but somehow it got lost along the way in the late 80s. This really is a great & faultless snyth wave/pop album. I also had their last album from 1985 (can't remember the title) which was ok but not as good as ITR.

Anonymous said...

this band are ever so underated got to be one of the 80s lost gems into the rain is a classic synth album if you can find it (good luck) i highly recomend it if you like early eighties synth pop/rock

warmswarm said...

Thanks for posting this (Into The Rain). A fantastic album, sort of Synth/Punk. The slower songs remind me of CLOSER era JOY DIVISION.
I had it on cassette but it finally stopped playing when I tried to put it on to my computer.
I can't understand why this isn't available on CD, it's a whole lot better than some of the stuff that IS.