Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ralph Lundsten - Svit-ElectronicDragspiel(1969)&Olskog(1970)&Paradissymfonin(1979),LPs,Sweden

Continuing explorations to Ralph Lundsten's works here are 3 more LPs.Missing scans of Olskog LP,any help appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

The most incredible thing I've heard from Lundsten, believe it or not, is the score he made for the 1973 revenge exploitation film, "Thriller, A Cruel Picture". Does anyone know if this music(or any of its cues) were on any early Lundsten LPs? Or on the 4 CD early Lundsten compilation(which I can't find anywhere). Has anybody ever posted this or does anyone have it? Thanks so much,


Reform said...

Another great album is "Ralph Lundsten's Universe featuring The Andromeda All Stars". A playful title and definitely a journey to outer space.