Sunday, April 22, 2007

Doris Norton -Artificial Intelligence,LP,1985,Italy

"At more than 19 months from the previous album "Personal Computer", Doris Norton, who is undoubtedly a leader in international computer music, has finally completed her latest work: the album "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE" (previous title: 'From Art-Physiol to Artificial Intelligence', changed before publishing). ........... Quite besides the taste of of the public and concerned who necessarily have to maintain an obvious subjectivity, there are objective data in the new album "Artifical Intelligence" which can be summarized as absolute premiers at an international level. Amongst these are the following: 1-The whole was composed and programmed only with the alfanumerical keyboard of the computer. 2- The total of the notes and coded events takes to the number 124.648: of these 123.827 were coded with 'step time' procedure and the rest with real time procedure. Having done reduced the keyboard Doris Norton used only an hexaphonic JX.8P with memory processed by her and interfaced to the computer. 3-No drums were used, neither electronic nor much less acoustic. All the rhythmics were obtained by A.D.A. conversions and processing of wave ranges and with the use of expanders with a very special handling of envelopes, frequency, resonance, noise ..... 4-Doris Norton fed the computer the parameters of vowels and consonants of her own voice, like A, O, U, E, D, N, through an A.D.A conversion card; by processing these values and assembling them in phoneme in hundreds of different combination, various compressed resolutions she was able to make the computer sing a complete song in a totally human way (with the voice of Doris). 5-Many other yxith sounds resulting from A.D.A. conversions are present in this new album 'Artificial Intelligence', amongst these: pipe organ, plate, electric discharge, iron beat, birds, dog, harp, woods ...... all sampled and handled by the computer. 'Artificial Intelligence' is a perfect example of how human intelligence can bend the coded 'artificial intelligence' to hits own will. ....." (Source: ComputerMusik -1985)
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rich said...

Doris Norton is fantastic, I love it, many thanks!

Beatsandblood said...

This is an amazing album!