Monday, April 23, 2007


Exhilarating pulse-pounding art rock genius from one of this country's great overlooked bands. Musically, V-Effect were America's answer to Etron Fou Leloublan, creating convulsive sonic assemblages for sax, organ, bass and drums that consistently tumble and caper through lopsided curlicues of post-Magic Band structural irregularity. Lyrically, they're as overtly politicized as This Heat or The Art Bears and, for me at least, their work carries some of the same emotional charge to be found in both those units, despite their substantially different and far less dour aesthetic remit.

Note: I've been asked to remove this link, as Acute Records are set to reissue V-Effect shortly. Please support their efforts and purchase this extraordinary album from them when it's released.


Anonymous said...

Very good! Thank's.

Jim said...

It doesn't seem like Acute ever did the release....sadness

Anonymous said...

I love this album. Can't find anything about Acute Records reissuing it. I would/will certainly buy this if it were to be released on CD or digital.
Any chance you can give us a taste of Master/Slave or the other gems?

Anonymous said...

i second that request... :)