Tuesday, April 24, 2007

INDUSTRY-S/T, 12" EP, 1980, USA

I'll just start here by saying that this is easily top 10 for me when discussing minimal synth. Every moment here is laden with brilliantly whacked melodies filtered through ingenious treatments and possessing both a great command of pop smarts and the knowledge of how to build tension effectively. I hear bits of early Christian Lunch (specifically his band Product), B.E.F., Nash The Slash and...well...many more passing flashes of all my favorite purveyors of such electronic treats. This thing kills me every time I play it...

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Anonymous said...

you guys have officially hooked me on this synth stuff. This one is particularly cool though!

Electric Voodoo said...

Ummmm more of this please!

loren said...

Hey, this is so very good (sorry to be so late to comment, i just got to listening), could you try to post some of what you say is similar? Such as Christian Lunch, Product, etc.?

thanks for this hip treat!

Ian said...

As you're taking a break--I'm reaching back into the long-ago depths of Mutant Sounds. So much great stuff--and I'd just had the thought a few pages back (going in reverse chronological order) "I'd be amazed if M.S. didn't have that Industry 12" up at some point". . . and here it is. Such a great disc, a real killer with the proto-d&b, fuzzed up vocals--this one always goes over big when I play it for people who've spent the last 18+ years immersed largely/solely in post-Rave dance/electronics.

For so many great gifts you've given to the hardcore-addicts out there who are younger/poorer/less well connected--thank you!