Sunday, April 29, 2007

Marie and the Atom - Spit it Out E.P(1985)+Yelow Read Aloud E.P(1983),New Zealand

Following my previous post of Marie And The Atom tape,here comes their 2 e.p.s released by Flying Nun records,and this completes their discography.Residentesque experimentation mixed with crazed out circus music,hints of jazzy impovisations pop-ish wave ballads in a dark ,stressed,sometimes epic parts the "Larks tongues in aspic" era King Crimson influence makes it's appearance. While 1985 e.p is mostly instrumental,the 1983 one is vocls oriented and generally speaking more musically approachable(well,in terms of how approchable an experimental recording can be....consider it something like Residents Not Avaliable era popish experimentation).
Sorry no pic sleeve scans.Help anyone?

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