Sunday, April 22, 2007


Excellent and very rare Japanese underground psych/prog/experimental compilation, featuring Katra Turana, Metamorphose, Unit 3, Phaidia and Negasphere. Three of these five outfits are quite excellent, particularly the deranged Katra Turana, their fragile yet psychotic sound placing them within aesthetic spitting distance of both After Dinner and Pungo and whose work I'll be posting more of in the near future. Note: Both Phaidia and Katra Turana are listed as having two tracks a piece, but in both cases, their two songs each are cross-faded togather and are thus indexed as a single track each.

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Robert said...

Romanization of track-listing.
1. Phaida: Mui
2. Phaida: Card
3. Katra Turana: Hontaiji Telephone ni-ban
4. Katra Turana: Hontaiji Telephone no atarashii shippo
5. Metamorpose: Boufura
6. Metamorpose: Herakuresu (Heracles)
7. Negasphere: No more rainy day
8. Unit-3: Raigou Oni

Loz said...

Getting Error messages while trying to unzip this. Am I the only one or is there a problem with the archive.


Buck said...

I get this error message also..

vdoandsound said...

Kevin annd Buck-have either of you tried using 7-zip? that seems to work when other programs are having issues.

Curious Guy said...

Had the same problem even with 7-zip. First you need to restore the zip. then it worked with winrar.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance for a re-upload on this one?

Anonymous said...