Saturday, April 28, 2007


Beserko Japanese avant prog bombast whose Bondage Fruit cum Happy Family approach is offset by a curious funkiness and, for better or worse (or both simultaneously) dominated by the screw-loose jibber-jabber verbal diarrhea fits of Emi Elionola, whose in-your-face approach is a decidedly acquired taste and which in the wrong context can be deadly (see how she tanked Ruins' Symphonica album with her schtick). To these set of ears, such is not the case with Demi Semi Quaver. If anything, all these years on from this scenes' heyday, Demi Semi Quaver's endearing looniness make them something of a high water mark for avant prog of that era. Note: this lengthy CD has been divided into two parts.

Get part 1 Here

Get part 2 Here


Anonymous said...

Happy 1000th Post! Simply insanely amazing blog.

Ginger Thompkins

fuzztunnel said...
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Anonymous said...

Regarding the vocals on Ruins' Symphonica, I liked 'em! In fact that's one of my favourite Ruins albums, so I have to disagree with you there. I'm still downloading Demi Semi Quaver, can't wait to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Would you please be so kind to repost both Demi Semi Quaver albums?
I'm dying to hear them.
Thanks in advance.

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buddha said...

it would be graet if you could reup this album cause there are no links anywhere else thx a lot