Sunday, April 29, 2007


This ecstatic funkified jazzy prog masterpiece is operating in such extraordinary aesthetic proximity to Canada's Contraction/Franck Dervieux/Ville Emard Blues Band axis, it's almost eerie. Of those, Toubabou's muse is closest to Contraction insofar as Lise Cousineau's gloriously moany vocal histrionics are the mirror image of Contraction's Christiane Robichaud's. No small thing that, as this very particular style of vocals is some of the most beautiful and emotionally charged of any I've ever heard. Just glorious. Musically, this is deeply nuanced and frequently wildly driving stuff, not least due to the massed percussion onslaught that underpins much of Attente. One of my favorites ever from one of the world's great unacknowledged musical undergrounds.

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Anonymous said...

A request:

I don't suppose you have any of these to put up, do you?

mutantsounds said...

noooo...i don't have any...just kidding...have them all and will take their way to the blog soon

Anonymous said...

There is an official cd release of this title. Still available.

Hafis said...

beautiful music
u r truly great
i will give my life for

peace out !

BTW ( I am voting and praying for this site with every IP change)

God Bless you