Monday, April 30, 2007

V/A: Beyond Step One ,tape,1984,USA

Excellent industrial/electronics compiltation from the legendary Sound Of Pig Music tape label.

A1 Enstruction Final Solution
A2 Slab This Song Has No Title
A3 Walls Of Genius It's A Scary World Out There
A4 Viscera Nation
A5 Het Zweet El Voz A6 Unovidual Once...Ago
A7 Unovidual Bagdad Dreams
B1 Muslimgauze Under The Hand Of Jaruzelski
B2 Billy Club Puppet / Sharon Gannon / Wade Tucker We Come From Orgone
B3 F/i Glorystomper
B4 ABC Mutes Fuck Anthropology B5 ABC Mutes Pink Wants To Spit
B6 ABC Mutes Bore
B7 ABC Mutes Wanna Puke
B8 ABC Mutes Zyclon B
B9 ABC Mutes Electric Blanket
B10 Psychodrama The Living End B11 Psychodrama Father Of Hell
B12 X-Ray Pop Mystic Mama
B13 Los Monos Castles In The Sand
Note that tracks B1 and B2 appear as 1 track credited to Muslimgauze and tracks B4-B9 are not seperated ,in this rip.
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Peteykins said...

Is Sound of Pig Music legendary now? Yay! I released three SOP tapes!

(PS Bingo: Sludge Mountain and PS Bingo/Pinetones split cassette and PS Bingo/If, Bwana split cassette.)

Bunk said...

Sound of Pig was my fave of all the 80's cassette labels, with Harsh Reality being a close 2nd... such a ton of good music to be had from those 2!

vdoandsound said...

Princess Sparkle Pony-So you're PS Bingo, eh? There's a name that brings memories. I've got your split tape with If, Bwana!

Sound Of Pig was one of the first tape labels I investigated as a precocious teen. There's some great work tucked away on some of those long forgotten tapes. Zan Hoffman and Minoy used to be my faves of the SOP stable back in the day. As it happens, my tape player went kablooie recently, but as soon as I get another I'd be happy to post your split tape here, if you're interested. I recall it being a pretty good one...

Peteykins said...

vdoandsound, you are correct!

Pssst: go here for much (not all) of the rest of the story:

Anonymous said...

haha yeah I released 2 on it too!
city limits , and p.c. & seus camaradas.. very strange them! hehe..

Anonymous said...

Cool to see this circulating ... I can't even remember which song of mine Al used for this! It's been so long. Billy Club Puppet is a nice guy - he & I did some live shows together as Theater of Cruelty.

Anonymous said...

It says here that b1 and b2 are one track credited to muslimgauze, but i think this is incorrect as i listened to it and b2 is named as F/i but appears to be the Billy club puppet track -then after that its ABC Mutes... F/i seems to be missing as far as i can tell. does anyone have the F/i track??