Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dedalus-Materiale Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico,LP,1974,Italy

Following my previous post of their excellent 1st LP,here comes the 2nd one.Here is what's written for it in their website:
Enzo Carabetta, an alto sax player, joins temporarily the group in a series of concerts with the Circoli Ottobre for the campaign for the referendum for divorce. In the Winter they record (at the Format studio in Torino) the second LP Materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico, without Carabetta and Furio Di Castri, who is already starting his career as jazz bass player. The record presents a crucial turn in Dedalus’ music. All references to any codified musical genre are abandoned to go in for a radical experimental approach to electronic music and musique concrete, improvisation and noise. Fiorenzo Bonansone adds new elements coming from contemporary classical, concrete and electronic music and composes most of the pieces.
1975-76 The second LP is released. Despite Trident’s discontinuance and the listening difficulty of the music, a few thousands copies of the record are sold. Concerts in Italy.Dedalus compose and record new material for a third LP which will remain unreleased until today. This material was a synthesis and clarification of the experimental research of the second record. Concerts in Italy and France
From: http://www.dedalus-group.com/en/index_en.html
This one is more avant garde-ish,with much use of electronics.Personally i like this more than the 1st one!

I'm afraid i have to remove the link of this one ,for now,(possibly will appear in the future),due to Eric's very good relationship with Andrea Cernotto (Elica labelhead, formerly of the group Sodality), who a few years ago re-issued this, so we have to ask first.Sorry 'bout that.


Anonymous said...

Well, let's hope Andrea doesn't mind.
I really think we have a fair chance here; I met him once at a Sigillum S concert in Plauen, Germany, he's really a very nice guy and allways in for a good laugh (even when he used to be called the -ahem- laziest guy in the bizz by some of his friends, hehe... that was just because they wanted to see more of his very interesting Sodality output more quickly, of course)..


Anonymous said...

re dedalus, here's hoping he's cool with it, as the first lp is a personal favourite of mine.. fingers crossed!.

Anonymous said...

oops !
let's keep the fingers cross, maybe on a near future after conversations between old friends makes this happens back again.

jer0nim0 said...

Is there any chance you might get away with putting the final track "La bergera - con più frequenza - accordanza" in it's unabridged glory? Does the LP version differ greatly from the abridged version on the CD? I have been curious ever since I read the statement on the CD's liner notes, the reasons for making the cut. Was it simply to fit the material on to a compact disc or was it a tasteful edit of a rambling piece... I can't imagine it having been the latter as the rest of the album is an exercise in taste and economy, among other things! Any info's would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Please don't you forget about this one. It is really really hard to find.
Excellent blog, I've discovered great music here.

Francisco Ayes