Sunday, April 22, 2007

Martin Dupont - Just Because,LP,1984,France

Excellent minimal synth LP,by a pioneer of synth music in France.
In the same place with Jeff & Jane,Dark Day and ADN Ckrystall recordings!
get it here


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Any chance we can get some Alien Brains or other R. Rupenus work?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, very nice.
Here's hoping our mutant crew might upload some of the Dark Day releases, especially the "Trapped" 12-inch and/or the second album, "Window" ..


Anonymous said...

This Martin Dupont one is great! The vocals are so cool mixed in with such wicked music! Thanks for another great one!


Anonymous said...

What a PITY there are two tracks where the needle was jumping (Just Because & Under Nylon) - could you rip those again? Thanks!!!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your nice works !
Martin Dupont full discography now availabable officially at

Gloomy said...

man i have been looking for this for ages, but it looks like i was too late! anychance of reuploading this?

Anonymous said...

yeah thanks a lot ... very cool

Martin Dupont said...

Sometimes I listen to my own music and laugh