Friday, April 27, 2007

Alejandro Jodorowsky-El Topo OST,LP,1972,USA

As requested!An extraordinary psychexotica soundtrack to a magnificent movie!
nothing more to say!
highly recommented!

***************NEW LINK POSTED SEPTEMBER 2012***************

Get it here 
Note!this is ripped without seperating tracks,just as side a and side b.


Anonymous said...

many thanks!!

Peteykins said...

I'm thrilled that this amazing movie (and it's follow-up, The Holy Mountain) is finally getting a lavish DVD release. It's been out of circulation for too long.

The only time I had an opportunity to see El Topo was in the mid-80s, and it was a wrecked, scratchy print.

The cream always rises to the top.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know there are official releases of Jodorowsky's films coming soon. I have Italian DVDs which are pretty good, but stiill not really sharp. Can't wait to see Holy Mountain in all it's technicolor glory.

Speaking of outsider movies. Do you happen to know if Spermula ever had a soundtrack?

Mars said...

Believe it or not, I found this LP in THE TRASH along with The Residents Commercial Album!

bruitiste said...

There may have been others but I'm one of those who certainly requested this. Excellent, a million thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for another great post.

On another note, I've seen this requested here before but have no idea if it was ever posted, but does anyone here have the INCREDIBLE mind-warping LP by Brother JT called "Descent?" Not your late afternoon pop psych fare (though nothing much wrong with that either) by JT, but 2 side-long pieces of Absolute brilliance and creepy transcendence.

Anonymous said...

The Jodorowsky 6-disc box set is out.
Someone got it for me as a birthday gift.

It has:
El Topo dvd
El Topo soundtrack cd
Holy Mountain dvd
Holy Mountain soundtrack cd (finally!)
Fando & Lis dvd
La Cravate dvd (Jodorowsky's first 30-minute short film, that nobody's seen before.)

Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews said...

The LP, along with Shades Of Joy's take on it, is also available as individual tracks at:

Note that "The Pain of the Honey" is repeated at the beginning of "300 Rabbits" and can be edited away. And whoever tranferred the Shades of Joy album did so from an ungrounded turntabe. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Anonymous said...

Mutantsounds, this is so great. Million thanks! I am from Jodorowskys natal country and i am a big fan of his movies and some of his books. I always wanted to have the sountracks to them, so i wanted to ask you if you can post the soundtracks for his other movies, specialy The holy mountain and Fando y Lis. I would apreciate it so much. Thanks again for all, long life for you and your blog.

jose, from chile.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me post.
Hello, Im selling my copy of Alejandro jodorowsky: Zaratustra a very nice and rare recording, totally amazing thanks for the interest.
Carlos from México

Les Tontons Flingueurs said...

You can find a rip of a mint LP
of El Topo - Jodorowsky AAC@320
w Good res Art Cover here:

and thanks again Mutant for all the incredible stuff here.