Friday, April 27, 2007

Tom Dissevelt-Fantasy in Orbit,LP,1963/7,USA

Some of the earliest electronic recordings were produced, in the late-1950s and early-60s, by Netherlands-based composers/keyboardists Tom Dissevelt and technician Kid Baltran (born: Dick Raaijmakers). Their 1957 debut album, Song Of The Second Moon, included the groundbreaking electronic composition, "Sonik Re-entry". Although they continued to collaborate on an album, Glas in 1958 and a seven-inch single, "Electronic Moments" in 1959, Dissevelt had replaced Baltran with another technician when he recorded his 1964 album, Fantasy In Orbit.
Dissevelt's subsequent solo compositions were compiled and released as Intersection: Orchestra And Tape Electronics. As of 2003, Dissevelt was working on a CD overview of Dutch popular and applied electronic music from 1956 to 1966. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide
An astronauts musical impression while orbiting the Earth.Electronic compositions of Mr. Thomas Dissevelt.Songs of the Second moon LP coming very soon!
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Below find the 2nd issue from 1967 artwork


Anonymous said...

A Space corker! Loving it. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for posting "fantasy in orbit"! i found a copy of this lp a couple years ago, and the music is really fun, but my copy skips and it is too painful to listen to. can't wait to hear the music without the skips. and of course, it is wonderful that you are bringing this obscure but excellent record to wider attention.


Adam Eleven said...

Obscure space electronics from the Sixties with Gemini capsule on the that's excately the kind of stuff I was born for. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

HULLO again

Just a reminder that Dissevelt is DUTCH , NOT American .


Phobos said...

God, I love this music, thanks!:)

Leo said...

Please reup! I'd love to hear this.

Delirium said...

can you reup please?