Friday, April 27, 2007

QUAD-S/T, LP, 1997, UK

Gary Ramon of Sundial's first solo album under the Quad moniker is a sitar soaked miles deep kosmiche mindbomb, second only to his work on Sun Dial's "Other Way Out", which was, for my money, one of the top 5 best psych albums of the 90's. Essential.

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Anonymous said...

if the first sundial was one the top five psych albums of the nineties,what were the other four?
(i agree, incidentally)
- lord cornelius plum

vdoandsound said...

lord cornelius plum-howza 'bout (in no particular order):

Tangle Edge-In Search Of A New Dawn
Spratleys Japs-Hazel
Mooseheart Faiith Stellar Groove Band-The Magic Square Of The Sun

and a 3-way all-Japanese tie for last place:
Boredoms-Super Ae
L-Holy Letter
Floating Flower-s/t

Anonymous said...

This LP is stonking stuff! Thanks very much for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lp, you can get cd version now on the acme label. They have released 1 other vinyl lp on prescription label limited to 99 copies and a live cd also on prescription which I believe also featured Current 93's David Tibet

Anonymous said...

does anyone have the limited 99 edition full LP?

Anonymous said...

do you have either LPs? they are hard to come by...

fuzztunnel said...

This is a spectacular album.

Anonymous said...

What? A second LP?? I'd love to hear that...;) This first Quad album is fantastic! Thanks.

spliffriff said...

is there a chance for a re-upload ?
love the "temple & projection" track on youtube !

cheers :)

Anonymous said...


is it possible to post this album again. Just bought Sun Dials new LP Mind Control and just love it.


Anonymous said...