Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Even though this amazing French zeuhl band's one and only album came out in the late 70's, it's pretty clearly the earliest stages of Magma's work that are being emulated here, specifically the more plaintive and open sounding passages of Magma's debut. Some really hauntingly beautiful stuff here on this very short album (basically an EP, though it's labeled an LP). Honeyelk were one of the precious few zeuhl bands to sieze on this particular dimension of Magma's sound and run for the hills with it and the world is a better place for their efforts.

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fuzztunnel said...

Well, I think that I like Magma's debut best of all, so I shall certainly grab this one... as always thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for that one. Can´t wait to hear this. more ZEUHL and french weirdos please.

dalston shopper said...

this is a STUNNING Blog.

my blog is like the skater who wanders into the library to skim the comics, whereas your blog is like the sexy librarian who looks like she's read ALL the books and collects BSA bikes from the 50's:)


Anonymous said...

Is the buzzing sound supposed to be on the Honeyelk LP, especially the 2nd song?

Anonymous said...

This LP is fantastic! Do you have the other one ("En quete d'un monde meilleur")? I can't find it on Amazon or eBay :(

I think it would better be compared to MANEIGE than MAGMA. Their sound is actually quite similar to early MANEIGE albums such as "Les Porches", one of my all-time favorite jazz-rock gems.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, I just bought a downloadable copy at mindawn.com :)
It basically features the same album as here (in better quality), plus 15mn of extra songs (improvisations, etc). Good bargain for $6.99!

peskypesky said...

you are too good to us.