Sunday, April 29, 2007


Born out of the jazz scene in Villingen (near Stuttgart, Southwest Germany) from musicians formerly of the bands The Rope Set and Those. Mammut were an obscure underground band, whose sole album was the result of no-holds-barred late night jam sessions at the MPS studios. Dark sounds, with hints of Amon Düül II, heavy blues-rock (in the more freaky Frumpy or Tomorrow's Gift vein), with all sorts of strange, ethnic and gothic touches combined in their music. Although the band themselves quoted Deep Purple's IN ROCK as a major influence, their spirit was purely Krautrock. Their sole album is a legendary rarity, and rightly so. The CD reissue was withdrawn due to legal problems.
From "The Crack In the Cosmic Egg"
Stoned freakout total kraut rockers loosing control and turn ordinary strarting kraut/psych rock songs to total chaos!
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Unknown said...

hi there ... i am wondering if track 7 of mammut (1971) is missing by accident?!

great blog, by the way !!!



Anonymous said...

Yep, track 7, "Nähgarn Mammut", seems to be missing on this one.
Dunno if M.S. could correct, anyway, I'm impressed with the rest!

Thanks M.S.,

Anonymous said...

yes thanks for lp, cant wait for missing track ...

Unknown said...

Just wondering why they chose that band name. I need to research more about them. I love their music. It's awesome!