Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The Werkbund/Mechthild Von Leusch saga has largely been laid out over previous posts of their material on MS. Suffice it to say that of the extant material by this "mystery group" (who really aren't, as it's well understood by now that both Werkbund and Mechthild Von Leusch involve the collaboration of Asmus Tietchens and Ulli Rehberg), Aquis Submersis is both the doomiest and most overtly post-industrial sounding of their recordings. Cavernous, creeped out stuff and done superbly.

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Unknown said...

It took me so long to find all the Werkbund CDs and vinyl, but I finally got them. And was proud of my collection. Then you come up with this one! One I'd never heard of.

You guys really do have time machines!

fuzztunnel said...

The two-chord repeating figure at the end of track 1 is extremely Twin-Peaks-y... yet this CD predates the first airing of that show by a year.