Monday, April 30, 2007

MAMMUT & UPPSALA posts problems.

Dear friends
both problems were identified and were fixed.A new rar file containing both ,track 7 from UPPSALA and the missing track 7 from MAMMUT posts ,will be uploaded to sharebee as soon as it's upload service is back(this means few more hours due to upgrade and maintenance,so i guess late at night or early morning CET). Sorry for the incovenience ,i know mistakes like these give to enemies of the blog to accuse us....but at last,who cares about them.Thank you all for your support .
Jim Mutantsounds


Anonymous said...

Anyone, please ??? ...:

" My Mother Was a Friend of An Enemy Of The People " by the fantastic trio Blurt ...

Joe Seph

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for fixing the Uppsala problem, hugely appreciated!
And, screw the 'enemies of the blog', mistakes happen and anyone who can't understand that should keep their mouths shut. Thanks again for sharing from your great collections, folks!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you've posted the fixed stuff for Uppsala and Mammut that you mentioned? It wasn't posted before due to Sharebee problems but a lot has been posted to Rapidshare since then. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

there can be no such thing as enemy of this blog. its absurd... you are beyond generous and a great curator of maximum, sublime music. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Um... have you forgotten about the Uppsala/Mammut fixed tracks re-post? I hope I'm not annoying you by asking but I have checked every day since you said you'd do it, and have found no sign of it yet.

Your blog is awesome!