Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Unlike the candy coated minimal synth immediacy of Dark Day's Window LP, which I posted a few days back, Robin Crutchfield's post-DNA unit are here trafficing in something rather more stark and eerie, and for me it's every bit as winning. I get a strong whiff of both early Tuxedomoon and Monitor in their command of tension-building and the somewhat processional quality of Dark Day's motion here and it's a lovely thing to behold.

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me said...

Let me pause a minute before downloading another one of your musical gems and THANK YOU!

jonjim1952 said...

Such a good album. Now I can listen to it "on the run". Thanks.

Loz said...

This is a great album but this rip sounds absolutely horrible. Lots of distortion and snap, crackle and pop that I'm not sure anyone was aware of before it was uploaded. Also, have and of you ever considered using a vbr encoding for your rips (like lame 3.97 v2-v0 preset)? Makes stereo listening far better (until we can find the album to purchase)

Again... great album!

Anonymous said...

This is the only one from them I was able to get 10 years back, alas in a heavily bruised copy.

No upload from a Dark Day should ever stay without a comment though, so on behalf of the rest of the esteemed publicum, thanks for posting this,
me myself eager to hear their other releases if you guys have some and willing to, ;-)

sincere greetings,

Anonymous said...

Hello i love this blog, but i noticed the post about one of the earlier uploads having a buzzing sound. I think this one has one as well. It starts (for me) about half way through the album and goes until the end of it. Maybe that's part of the sound...but i thought i should bring it up anyways, just in case.

Anonymous said...


A Great Music,but the quality are not so good.The Tracks are have many disturbances.A great pity for this great music.This music are remebered me of Tuxedomoon and he have the same class.Half Mute was great.

When you can,please renew this
classical release!

The tracks from the Dark Day Album Window was all OK.


Tom said...

Damn... I rather enjoyed MS' new Dark Day buzzmix! Oh well, back to the trad-jazz grind...

Splendid machinations, as always, good sirs.

Chee - bzzrrTT! - rs,