Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Schlussphase -st,LP,1982,Germany

Here's another great NDW/minimal synth,with some experimental touches from 1982.Look at the kitsch pseudo astronauts uniforms in the back cover and make some connections with the VIDEO LISZT post bu Eric a few days back.Distorted electronics here,with moody atmpsphere,much spocen word vocals....excellent LP.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely genious, the radio waves speechs works as a bridge from chapter to chapter.
the whole idea seems to be part of a post-nuclear disaster evocation.
amazing record, many thanks !!

the saucer people said...

In four years there is only a single comment for the Schlussphase album by Schnawwl!?! Admitedly a very glowing comment but even so...

I remember hearing 'Euroshima Mon Amour' on one of the New Wave Complex compilations ages ago but I must have assumed it was a 7 inch...so glad to be wrong!

One slightly odd thing given the experimental nature of the album is the fact it appeared on the German 'ZYX' label which Italo-disco and eighties synthpop heads will recognise immediately...curiousandcuriouser.

The only person i can find on the credits who has done other material is Rainer Herzog who provided the evocative keyboards and was also in the NDW beatcombo 'Die Idole' who released a rather splendid self-titled album in 1982 which the equally splendid Crispy Nuggets blog posted:


Worth it just to marvel over the cover...boy did us 80s youth know how to swing ;)

Serhiy Krykun said...

http://electronicexplorations.org/?show=violet-poison heard them here and was stricken how similar they're to Fabio Frizzi! Can you update the link? I'd be very grateful.