Sunday, April 22, 2007


Overwhelmingly great hard burning French jazzy prog with a tangible acid overlay thats almost sufficient to give me a contact high. Part of a cadre of amazing Gong influenced units active during this period in France (Plat Du Jour, Crium Delerium, Ma Banlieue Flasque, Le Grand Nebuleux Et Les Laveurs Des Consciences etc), Nyl bested them all and can still, many many listenings later pin me to the fucking wall with it's sheer emotional force. One of the greatest of all the French prog bands!

Note: the link has been removed as this is due for reissue a the beginning of next year.


Anonymous said...

congratulations - you made it unto wmfu's beware of the blog!

"more MP3s than any sane person can handle" ... ;)

that's the one

cheers, an insane brain!

Anonymous said...

They actually made it into WFMU's "Beware of the Blog" a long time ago, probably back in Jan. or Feb. But good to know they're mentioned again.

Eric, your contributions are equally important to Jim's. It's magnificent that you're posting 4-5 items per day, on average.

I appreciate this blog so much more than you'll ever know.

Thank you....!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this fucking maniac have some Blacklight Braille's albums:

thanx for the music!!
any have Those Were Diffrent Times comp?

Anonymous said...

They do name a track after a H.P. Lovecraft beastie, which fact alone warrants an immediate download!

Anonymous said...

man, this NYL album is just the ticket! fantastic as always

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Nyl album- very groovy.

Toward the end of track 5 (starting at around 2:15) there's what sounds like a tremendous amt. of digital clipping- is that a rip error or is all that static-y distortion on the original?


Rob in NY

Anonymous said...

Has there been a reissue on this(Nyl s/t)? Haven't seen one and would like to get this gem.


Anonymous said...

yes mutant sounds

you're blog is incredible, bewildering, beguiling, beautiful and bombastic in equal measure, my insatiable ears have been opened to many wonders as a result of these pages, thankyou

if there is a reissue of this album where do you think i would find it? as there seems to be no evidence of it's existance!! i'd very much like to hear it as i have never heard of this band and it looks very interesting, you're help would be much appreciated

keep keeping on, much love

dr zoots

vdoandsound said...

dr zoots-thanks for the kind words. the cd reissue of this album was mysteriously issued under the name Nil. Go here for further info:

Anonymous said...

nice one, thanks for the link, it's still proving incredibly hard to track down even with the catalogue number!! but i shall keep searching...


Anonymous said...

Available again *_____*

This album ( as well as its predecessor Cheval Fou ) has been now reprinted by the newborn label Psych Up Melodies under permission

Adress is

Many thanks to the author of the review!!