Thursday, April 5, 2007

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes -Le Rat Debile Et L'Homme Des Champs,LP,1974,France

Here 's the 5th Catherine Ribeiro Lp(previous 4 already posted here).Similarly spacious to "Paix", but much more angry & ferocious, kinda Nico with a weird Pink Floyd backing.
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fuzztunnel said...

No. 2., Ame Debout, Paix, and Le Rat Debile... are essential listens. Whenever I put one on, I think, "this is her best album." And then I put another one on and think, "this is her best album."
Simply put, all four of these albums are her best album.

mutantsounds said...

you forgot to mention the LP with 2bis:) unfair i'm afraid:)

fuzztunnel said...

The one with 2bis is also great but I gotta say for me I think it's a tiny step below the four I mentioned above. ;)

Anonymous said...

There are only supposed to be four songs on this LP: 1   La Petite fille aux fraises; 2   L'Ère de la putréfaction; 3   Un Regard clair (obscur) ; and 4   Poème non épique (suite) -- but there are five songs.

Can you clarify?

(and thank you for all the Ribeiro!!)

mutantsounds said...

As you can se " Un Regard clair (obscur) ",is appearing 2 was supposed to be 1 track including both these ripped "tracks"....but since there's a 2 secs pause i splitted the song in 2...otherwise it's 4 songs and not 5 as appearing here

john said...

Thanks for the fifth Ribeiro! She has been one of my favorite discoveries from your site. Does anyone know how many albums Ribeiro made with Alpes? And how many are classics? Happy Easter

john said...

I do have to say though, what's with Ribeiro's generic choice of LP covers? Considering how freaked and intense her music is, I would have expected her front pictures to be a little more memorable!

antignorant said...

A few years old but still delivering the chills.

Ozymandias said...

Thanks. Brilliant music!