Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meadow Meal - Eat ,tape,1981-3/1987,Germany

Excellent minimal synth/experimental tape from this German duo.This is supposed to be a somekind of best of tape with recordings from 1981-1983,but it was released in 1987,and it's long out of print.Strange minimalistic experimental music & twisted neo-psychedelia.
«Pop material that features magnificent keyboards from Guido, the songs are exuberantly catchy. These are thrilling before you catch their sophistication. They possess a quivering freshness that sounds extraordinarily full.» Stick It In Your Ear zine

get it here and here


Will said...

I finally got around to listening to this -- it really is great. "Chew it Green" sounds like Kurt Vile on bad acid.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant - kraut rock meets minimal wave. The name of the band is from Faust song.