Thursday, April 5, 2007

PI CORP - Lost in the Cosmic Void,LP,1975,USA

Circa 1973-76 this Cleveland, Ohio outfit is one of the most amazing bands to ever grace our ears. These boys had enough equipment, drugs and talent to take their listeners on a journey through the hallucinogenic caverns of insanity, in the darkest recesses of one’s mind. Imagine Pink Floyd or King Crimson without any of the UK pomp and circumstance! Imagine Krautrock if it had been invented by bad ass inner city biker types with visions into the next galaxy and beyond. Songs like “The Dirge”, “Devil Weed”, “Together”, “LSD1”, and “Organ Over Easy” put Pi Corp in a class of their own, as no other American band ever came close to sounding like these guys. World renowned synthesist and electronic music pioneer Alan Howarth, headed the band of renegade musicians from Cleveland. Howarth’s innovative sounds, combined with the powerful bass melodies of Guy Bickel, takes the band into regions few others have dared to venture. Add the haunting vocals of lead singer Woody Leffel, former front man for the well known band Granicus, and you will definitely find this band arriving at gate Z on the Cosmic Concourse.The band rarely played live and spent most of their time jamming and discovering new plateaus of sound. Whether you’re into progressive, Psychedelic, Hard Rock or just pure freak-out, industrial strength musical madness, this LP is for you!!

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Damn, this is good. Nice one sir.

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thanxs for that one!

there's a lengthy interview with a guy from that band, alan howarth, who later did some soundtracks with carpenter, made sounds for 'hunt for red october' and also did some stuff for dr dre, snoop etc… greaz article!