Monday, April 2, 2007

Rainbow Generator-Dance of the Spheres,1977,New Zealand

In 1978 Rainbow Generator released Dance of the Spheres, their first vinyl release on FISSION*CHIPS, Australia's premiere electrosonic music label. Pressed in a limited edition run of 399 numbered copies at the Lectric Loo studios.Featuring the combined creative talents of David Mow and Rob Greaves performing on synths, Fender Stratocaster (+ fx), electro/percussion, voices and didjeridu, the tracks from this album were seminal in the electromusic world, presenting a new approach to the processes of collaborative composing, performing and recording.
The opening track on this album - Polyploid aSpex - was awarded the Roland International Synthesized Music prize for originality in 1978. The album is a musical odyssey exploring the weft & warp of tonality, timbre, pulse and structure.

1 Polyploid aSpex
2 Quiblings Query
3 Wandjina
4 Asymptote
5 Embryonic Eye
6 Essence
7 Shockwave Rider
8 City of the Sun
9 D-Lirium
10 Rainbow Raga

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Anonymous said...

Amazed to find this. I got this for nothing from a community radio album chuck-out. Really great stuff on this, very complex in parts, nicew and droney in others. The cover is lovely too, individual silk-screened jobs. Get this.

kingpossum said...

Wow, what a trip. Really great stuff indeed. Many thanks to the mighty Mutant Sounds for exposing another gem for the world to hear and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Saw them live at Paddington Town Hall, Sydney 1981. Hairy hippies smoking endless reefers. They were better than the supports (Quantum Mechanics and a Numanesque solo performer called Voltage). Not bad, but I wanted TG and got burbling dribble instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi. The heading says they're from New Zealand, but the text says Australia.
Completely different countries.
Thanks for all the great music.
Regards, Steven.

Anonymous said...

Rainbow Generator are definitely from Australia.